Mahatma Mandir Presentation

Another huge milestone for the dedicated and highly skilled team of our company was when the founder gave an impressive presentation at Mahatma Mandir at a very young age. National Bamboo Mission hosted a seminar wherein scientists, researchers and other businessmen were invited to promote their products. Himanshu Desai created a presentation for Trueway traders, but the presenter vanished at the last moment leaving only him to go on the stage. There was an announcement that Mrs Anandi Patel, the respectable ex-chief minister of Gujarat was going to come at the event. Everything happened at such a short notice that he had to prepare an impromptu speech for the same. But as they say, the most beautiful thing one can wear is confidence. With his spirit and head held high, Himanshu was ready to give a very impressive speech. Not only was it applauded all across the room, but it also turned a lot of eyes due to its novelty and non-technical approach. At the age of 22, being able to stand in front of the most experienced and brilliant delegates and having the courage to opt for an extempore is in itself a commendable achievement. The chief secretary personally called and appreciated his ideas and showed an interest in the propositions he made on stage. This incident is proof of the fact that Codepoets has a bright future because of the deserving team members and their ability to have a strong vision, not only in one particular genre of business but in anything and everything they would undertake in future.