To all our website visitors, we smile and say કેમ છો ?

“Only difference between a businessman and an entrepreneur is former one works for his own betterment and the later works to make the world better.”

Himanshu Desai / CEO
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To emerge as renowned team of web designers, consultants and brand makers down the lane in a decade or half.
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Working positively, endlessly and with a razor-sharp focus until the mission is accomplished.


Precisely in 2014, the company started as Amigo Innovations – a single man venture, which nevertheless grew up to a crew of 17 radical IT pros. In the ceaseless crowd of IT firms, we managed a prominent stature because of our genre-specific specialization in enterprise automation, brand design, marketing and digital eduwares. 

Started with a sole point of making best websites in the vicinity, today we are recognized for our COMMITTED DELIVERANCE of enormous projects.The path leading us to our current stance has not been all smooth; we have seen all highs-and-lows so far molding us to better entrepreneurs and we consult our clients with the same.

Personalized makeover to each and every client product is our underlying USP.
Our innovation Prism Eduware has received patrons everywhere throughout the world and our company is centered on scaling up the product.

We are not merely Web Designers , we are Brandsmiths. We are not merely Software Developers, We are Technical Consultants. We are not Marketeers, we are Business Channel Partner.

Focus on output :
We merely have blinkers on while working as we aim at the final output extensively.

Time is money:
We don’t believe on fixed time schedules but we do have timesheets that are shared with clients in real time so that can we can be paid for time that we have spent for our clients.

Transparency :
Honesty, ethics and accountability are three factors which makes our company a transparent one in all the aspects.

We not Me:
You can’t grow, if you wish to grow alone. We believe in growing together. By “We”, we mean, us, our team, our associates, our vendors and our clients.

  • 500+ websites
  • 25+ mobile applications
  • 10+ enterprise automated
  • 7+ retaining consulting profiles
  • Clients across 9 countries
  • Established since 4 years
  • Combined experience of over 100 years 
  • 9 In-House team mates
  • 14 Part time remote associates
  • Interns from Nirma, IIT, IIM – I every year.


  • Day 0 Invitation at IIM - I Intern Placements
  • Strategic Tie Up With BigRock for 300+ Domains Booked in 1 Day
  • Featured in Silicon India in an interview of Cantech
  • Shortlisted for Startup Entrepreneurship Awards 2017


  • Start Up India Certified (DIPP: 5721)
  • ISO Certified Processes
  • Featured on About.Me


  • 2014
    Two products stuck In development hell. Himanshu Desai started solo under the name Amigo Innovations. Carved a name for ourselves in the field of Web Design.
  • 2015
    Expansion of team to cater different product needs like web app and mobile apps. Developed Educational Software Suite - PRISM, Successfully deployed in 35+ Institutes.
  • 2016
    First Big Fall
    Expanded team upto 25 people. Monthly Subscription Model of Eduwares failed due to schools demanding excessive customization in pre-decided package. Lost money for the first time, due to heavy investment in Product Development and Bad Debt from schools and clients.
  • 2017
    Recovery and Back To Basics
    Shrunk core team back to 9 people. Outsourced our after sales support of educational product. Started Operations in Australia and UK.
  • 2018
    Our loss management, gave us a new opportunity - Started management consultancy. Successfully established Zen Milk as a pioneer. Hired IIM - I Interns in the same persuit. Started expansion into AI bots. Started operations in UAE

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