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Brand is the basis of everything we do here! Building solid foundations whilst respecting clear brand values, offerings and vision, will make sure that everything developed from here will flourish.

We identify brand values, create mood boards, and a specific set of rules to communicate the brand in the most powerful way. This is our starting point to design logos, letterheads, business cards and everything else. Articulating what your business means to your customers is what we help you solve creatively.

We’re utterly invested in brand right from the commencement. It’s not about how it looks, it’s about how it makes you feel; and in today’s visually shallow culture, it’s important to hang on to those feelings and make them count as they are what shapes brands!

Video / Animation / Motion Graphics

Motion offers a new way to bring a brand to life! In a time where users are expecting to receive content in new and easily digestible way, animation and video are the answer to that. We provide thoughtfully created and conceptual video, animation and motion graphics to complement your message perfectly in a way that no other medium could.

POS (Point of Sale)

The Point of Sale or POS is the place where a journey ends and the sale occurs! But it may also be responsible for the start of a new journey. It is crucial to provide a good brand experience to the consumers in the moment they are deciding and buying. To do so, we go beyond decorating shelves – we develop strategies and elaborate specific activations in the POS to help make decisions and create brand recall in the consumer’s mind.


Illustration can be a good way to distort the world or to replicate it conveying specific necessities! From storyboards to aid in previewing script ideas to specific illustrations to be used on graphical pieces, we take advantage of this visual interpretation to develop tailor-made images capable of meeting each brand’s objectives.

Equipment Design

We study what consumers are looking for, and what different brands and new technologies have to offer in order to create or improve a product. Whether it’s a specific chair for a stand or customized lighting to create a brand experience, we’ve been doing and improving for years and will continue to do so!

Immersive Workshops

Our brand workshops are immersive to say the least! From day one, allowing our clients to get on the same page as us is the key to creating and shaping a meaningful and authentic outcome. We use workshops to kick off all brand projects in order to really get to the centre of the problem, ask questions and challenge answers. Our workshops are the starting point that enable us to show clients how their brand can evolve in order to deliver more than they ever thought possible.

Long Term Strategy

Our brands are for those who appreciate the long-game; those that value their decisions enough to not be a flash-in-the-pan or overnight success! The first step when shaping a Brand is to fully get to know the client; their wants, dreams, aims, aspirations, fears, strengths and weaknesses. This is more than just how a person or business looks; it is about how they feel, how they communicate and how they want to be seen.

Visual Identity

The visual identity is the really fun bit for us! It’s the point at which we’re able to take everything we’ve learned about the business, from company history, market research and brand values, to strategy and future aspirations, and begin to visually represent that as an all-encompassing brand personality. This is much more than just designing a mark or logo; we create the frameworks with which to use the brand as a whole, including color, tone of voice, application and typography.

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