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What is Flipbook?

We convert PDFs to a 3D Book like interface. PDFs are uploaded online and a drive-like link is presented as output. This can be instantly opened on any device with a pixel-perfect look every time!

Why do you need Flipbook?

PDFs of large sizes are inconvenient to send, edit, read and write. They are not secure, easy to copy.


  • Backend Panel
  • Grid Page View
  • Pinch To Zoom
  • Lazy Load

  • Easy Print
  • Retina Ready
  • Full Screen
  • Page Sound

  • Pop up
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Unlimited Designs

  • Flat Design
  • Different Fonts
  • RTL Support

How Flipbook can help you grow?

designer (1)

Significantly reduces production time


Amplifies your digital efforts


Draw readership for less


Endorse your institution


Bring your assignments to life


Close a lot more deals

Social Media Managers

Develop a better social presence

designer (1)

Endorse your institution


  • Useful as WhatsApp website
  • Track when your link is opened and get alert for the same
  • User doesn’t need to download whole file to see the output
  • Prevent PDF file from being copied
  • Great for visual appeal and utility
  • Better and cheaper than brochure design

Why should I
invest in Flipbook?

Do not let a price tag deter you from getting your own flipbook. If you’re a one-man operation with zero budget, at least get our digital imprint plan that you can jazz up later when you have a better cash flow. On the other end of the spectrum is our digital footprint plan, which is a completely customized flipbook.


Demo Flipbook


Chat Integration

Chat with your customers real-time, they’ll love you for it!

What you can do with our Chat Integration?
• Observe website visitors in real time
• Chat with visitors from your mobile phone
• Customize your chat widget to suit your site
• Localize greetings and messages in the language you like
• Reply rapidly with predefined shortcuts

Website Doorbell

A doorbell for your website, literally! Get an alert/notification every time you have a new or returning visitor on your site! This notification is displayed along with their name or Visitor ID – whichever is available.

Be it a startup with barely around 50 visitors a day or a full-fledged enterprise with daily traffic in the millions, your website is a goldmine to attract and convert potential prospects. If you could reach out to all the potential leads on your website, then that would be phenomenal for your conversion ratio. We do exactly that for you!

Exit Intent

Exit Intent is behavioral technology that tracks and observes movements of website visitors and detects when they’re going to leave your site, without making a purchase or leaving their data. It’s specifically designed to decrease cart abandonment and convert more leads. Now for the non-technical version, exit-intent technology detects visitor behavior, giving you an opportunity to show them a popup with a targeted marketing message just before they’re gone, probably forever.

Did you know that more than 70% of the visitors who leave your website will never come back? In majority of the cases, this means that 95% – 98% of your marketing efforts are going in vain, and you are losing a lot more money procuring new customers than you need to. But, by using exit-intent technology, you can convert an additional 2 – 4% of your visitors into email subscribers and soon thereafter, into paying customers!

Plans & Pricing

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fits your requirments.

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Pricing depending upon - number of pages / domain / add-ons

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